Tate Consultants

Who We Are

Tate Consultants is an advisory for health-benefits and human capital strategy created to serve the employee benefits needs of employers in the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region. Our founder, Sam Tate Proctor has served employers since 1989, initially as an underwriter at Prudential.  He has over 30 years of experience in procurement, pricing, design, implementation and management of group health insurance programs.   This experience has successfully served companies with a wide range of employees, from 100k plus employees to those with 40 employees. Subsequent to his time at Prudential, Sam has served as an employee benefits consultant where he attained the partner and principal level at major consulting firms including AON Hewitt and Buck Consultants. 

Our founding partner Jason Fandel is a technical expert focused on claim and cost analytics. His background includes a degree in Meteorology from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and management in the service industry.

We formed Tate Consultants for the opportunity to serve employers, who are faced with the complexities, costs and dynamics of the group insurance market. At any size, employers face difficult choices and trade-offs to consider with respect to their benefit programs. This is particularly intensified for healthcare benefits. With widely varying costs, regulations and quality everyone is challenged to get access to affordable quality care. Employers offer these benefits as part of their total rewards programs and to compete for talent.

Based on this, we firmly believe that employer sponsored healthcare ought to be procured and managed as any other business investment. A firm’s portion of revenue spent on healthcare should not only provide valued security benefits to their employees and families, but also as a competitive advantage and a productivity driver for your bottom-line results.

In our experience, we have achieved market outperformance for employers topping eight-figures in savings. Our approach is to develop a blue-print strategy for your specific objectives, and to procure and negotiate an insurance solution which aligns with company objectives and your population demographics. We treat your healthcare spend as if it were our own expenditure and make every dollar count toward your goals; serving your employees and leave no wasted money on the table.

Healthcare for employers is complex and challenging, but we focus on spending for the most effective delivery and result. Affordability and sustainability are attainable in the market. Having an expert advisor and agent is critical for achieving market outperforming results.