Why Work with Tate Consultants

As an employer you have endless choices for a broker-consultant to assist you with your healthcare plan. We have the combination of industry knowledge, technical and analytical expertise that our competitors do not. We will compete with anyone. Our professional, seasoned approach will consistently deliver positive and substantive results to your bottom line.

Here’s what you can count on from us:

·         We will study you and evaluate your programs exhaustively;

·         We will ensure that you have an appropriate strategy;

·         We will collect market data to set price and program parameters and negotiations;

·         Details of your constraints and goals are critical to execute a successful insurance program for your business;

·         Contracting, design and implementation are arduous, rigorous tasks, but essential for an outstanding outcome; we love and sweat the details;

·         Everything is negotiable…. everything;

·         If ultimately, we can’t improve the value you deliver to employees and save you money, we don’t want your business and we won’t charge you.

It’s worth a conversation. Every program can be finer tuned. The market will offer you competitive solutions; we will demand and negotiate a higher bar of competitiveness because we’ve never accepted that vendor partners can’t do better for our clients if we make the business case. It’s what we do. While we are independent and a full agency solution, we welcome the opportunity to work and collaborate with your existing insurance broker relationships as an integrated team.

Give Tate an opportunity to improve your deal, your results and your employee value of your healthcare investment.

The foundation of our deal improvement approach is measure, analyze and forecast.