Tate Research


Tate Consultants Group is comprised of three operating units:

  • Tate Consultants
  • Tate Strategies & Insurance   Solutions
  • Tate Research

Accordingly, we serve an array of clients from large organizations with deep strategic interests, growing to mid-sized organizations with broker arrangements and enterprises in the insurance and benefits industry.

Tate Research is built to offer perspectives, insights, innovation and thought engineering to share with entities across the human capital space.


Our consultants and contributing partners have a wealth of experience and intellectual curiosity, driven to advance the visibility and recognition of benefits and HR functions as full contributing partners to business and institutions.

Experience shows us that organizations can tend to form siloes across finance, HR and general management. This unfortunate practice can create blind spots for leadership and lead to disconnects of priorities, strategies and business goals.

Tate Research tirelessly combs the media, publications and web for trends and opportunities for optimizing value of workplace rewards to employees and to balance employer investment with competitiveness and fiscal-fiduciary responsibility.


Tate Research regularly produces postings, articles and infographics to inform on benefit and human capital issues, zeroed in on employer challenges.

These challenges include: acquiring and engaging talent; investing in benefit and compensation to maximize employee productivity potential; maintaining and improving workforce health; cost management; and getting the benefit and reward programs right to fit employees prioritized needs.

We are relentlessly passionate about analytics, health risk, long-term strategies, leveraging technology and transparency of financial arrangements and client-centric interests. As an advisory, our primary mission is to measure, analyze and forecast to support the defined and documented interests of our clients. We also strive to contribute to the industry discourse and intellectual property to restructure work to deliver mutual accountability between worker and employer and for rewards to ultimately be commensurate with contribution.


We hope that our messaging and sharing will advantage organizations for advancing the effectiveness and competitiveness of their benefits and rewards programs. Also, that the greatest driver of productivity and revenue, TALENT, can raise its engagement and experience personal fulfillment and sustain financially the lifestyle of their choosing.