We approach re-engineering your health insurance program systematically. If we were to erect an impressive structure, we would need a purpose and use for the building; we’d need to conduct studies (geological, commercial, architectural) to identify the right property. Blueprints, contracts, builders, permits and a budget with timeframes would be required. The same elements apply for health insurance programs.

First, purpose, objectives and strategy become our blueprint. Next, benefit levels and features, networks, delivery systems and potential partners need selection. Compliance, costs, budgets and fitting your demographic specifications need consideration. Economical and prudent consumption of your staffing and financial resources is paramount.   To become operational, phases of negotiation, contracting, implementation and communications are necessary. Establishing service level targets, cost forecasting/budgeting and a performance management framework is also essential.

·Access and quality to measure;

·Discounts and claim utilization to analyze; and 

·Budgets and costs to forecast.

Tate Consultants systematically assesses and evaluates your health programs for re-engineering to achieve desired outcomes, satisfaction, performance and business results.