Tate Strategies & Insurance Solutions

Our Business Strategy is to serve as an independent and trusted broker to growing and emerging companies for their benefits, insurance and HR programs.

We emphasize acute listening to our clients to understand their business and challenges.

We encourage an authentic and candid self-assessment by our clients of their objectives, talent and message pertaining to their overall reward system for their employees.

Our model includes measurement, analysis and forecasting applied to our client's insurance, security and overall rewards structure to optimize competitiveness, value to employee's and affordability.

We view benefits and HR programs thorough a business case lens, that is:

  • Raising revenue is the life blood of a company
  • Revenue generations is directly dependent on talent; the most valued productive asset
  • Talent is attracted, engaged and retained by the culture and benefit/reward programs offered by the employer

So, our strategic broker service model is aligned with our client's sustainability.

Our Identity is to advise client's to: 

  • Look at the long-term solutions
  • Avoid short-term corrections
  • Prioritize workforce engagement

Engineer their benefit and reward schemes to focus on cost effectiveness, while retaining talent, know workforce engagement drivers.

Accentuate culture alignment with workforce imperatives, as it will expand labor pool and raise productivity as employees gain trust and loyalty.

Our Qualifications include our business licenses, experience, aligned partners, strategy and analytical proficiencies.